Aurigae was conceived under the influence of the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley, in its entire splendor during the 90s. Its founder, after having spent some time in an American multinational and, after numerous trips to this technology hub decided to venture on starting up a company inspired by the technical excellence and human approach characteristic to the Bay of San Francisco.

Today, more than 20 years later, the team at Aurigae keeps this spirit alive. It is a way of interpreting work that always led us to technological innovation and has allowed us to take on organisational and strategic challenges that have arisen over these years. Converting us into specialists in Payment Methods, with a clear vocation for innovation, aware of the speed at which traditional banking is evolving towards Digital Transformation.

Our principles are centred on technical and professional excellence with the objective of exceeding the expectations of our clients, creating a work environment in which commitment, motivation, and trust are the pillars that add value to our team.

Our client approach is based on the offering of extraordinary talent, as well as a flexible and scalable service to meet requirements. Our end objective is to contribute to increasing the quality and efficiency of your developments and processes so that these improvements have a direct impact on the digitalisation and return of your business, key elements in the transformation process in which we are all involved.

We strongly believe in a technological present and future with great opportunities and motivational projects that revolutionise according to the way we interact with our environment. We continue to peruse this future every day: with enthusiasm, passion, rigorous working methods, and with a smile.