We offer a quick response to client requests with a team of specialised, committed professionals.

Aurigae offers talent in the following technologies and work environments:

  • Front/Back-End (javascript, Java, python, Ruby)
  • Mobility (IOS, Android)
  • DevOps (Linux, Puppet, Release Management)
  • Cloud (OpenStack, AWS)
  • Financial Devices Connectivity (JXFS, XFS, etc.)
  • Software testing and QA of financial transaction systems
  • Payment Methods(EMV, financial protocols)


We design and develop competitive, high quality, and fully flexible projects adapted to the real needs of our clients.

Our main projects are in the following areas:

  • Web Apps
  • Middleware
  • Simulator development
  • Financial Devices Connectivity


Working with the technical team of Aurigae has the following advantages:

  • Highly qualified and committed professionals.
  • Rigorous methodology and innovative focus (AGILE, SCRUM, CANBAN, etc.)
  • Specialised and professional monitoring through the entire life cycle of the project (consultancy, requirements analysis, architecture design, development, tests and quality control, process definition, put into production, and maintenance).
  • Delivery as scheduled.
  • Top quality, efficient solutions that fulfill the objectives of our clients.

We offer different development approaches based on flexibility, trust, efficiency, and commitment, from both a technical and economical perspective.

  • On-site development: we provide specialised resources at client installations and under their management.
  • Turnkey development: assuming the entire responsibility of the project and contributing, if needed, with products or solutions that resolve specific requirements.