Here at Aurigae we are passionate about technology. We are freaks and we are looking for freaks. We are working on key projects, where we use the latest technology and we are in constant evolution towards everything that is new and adds value.

We believe that technology is a continuous learning curve. We try to avoid classic training programs, we prefer that you propose what you need to learn, we find out what is on offer and encourage you to attend the most leading-edge events, whether national or international.

Our job offers


This is a Cross team responsible for, amongst others, continuous integration, Cloud device generation or the management of the configuration, and the life cycle of the applications, using at all times SCRUM and TDD methodology.


  • Operating System: Linux (RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu).
  • Advanced scripting knowledge: Shell script, Python.
  • On-going integration tools: Jenkins, Bamboo.
  • Configuration management: Puppet, Ansible.
  • Life-cycle of the applications: Git, Gitflow.
  • Cloud: AWS, Openstack.

Valued skills:

  • Cheft, Docker, MongoDB, Redis, Tomcat, Apache, Nexus.

Fullstack Developer:

Junior Profile:

Know how to handle algorithms, data structures, and design templates. Although not required, some knowledge of Java, JavaScript, HTML and CSS would be an advantage. FullStack mentality.

Senior Profile:

Full knowledge of Javascript and/or Java.

Knowledge of at least three of the following:

  • SPI development with some modern framework(Angular, Backbone,…).
  • Automatic tests (BDD, Cucumber, ...).
  • Mobility platform development.
  • Cloud environments.
  • for Big Data.
  • for CRMs/CMS.

JavaScript Developer:

Senior Profile very technical JavaScript with analysis skills and able to propose improvements, with extensive experience developing with JavaScript (design templates, good practices, use of prototypes/legacy, modules, etc.).


  • Frameworks JavaScript: BackboneJS / AngularJS.
  • HTML Templates: Underscore.js, etc.
  • Building: HTML5 y CSS3.
  • Expert in CSS3 and knowledge of a CSS pre-processor (SASS or LESS).
  • Design templates: MVC/MVP/MVVM
  • Services use: REST/JSON
  • SCRUM work methodology: Jira.
  • On-going integration: Jenkins.
  • Test coverage: JUnit, Jasmine, Mocha.
  • Version control: GIT.

Java Developer:

Profile with capacity to make decisions, be able to work on own initiative and capable of organising oneself with analysis skills. With at least 4 years of experience, and advanced level of English. Available for travel.


  • Experience in the following technology: Java JEE, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JPA, Maven, XML, JSON and REST API.
  • Application servers: Websphere, Tomcat.
  • PL/SQL development.

Valued skills:

  • Knowledge and/or experience in XFS and/or J/XFS.·Device Connectivity

Payment Methods:

Profile for candidates interested in development and implementation projects in important start-up company in the banking sector.


  • Payment methods.
  • Banking integrations.
  • Host, HSMs, Cryptology.

Valued skills:

  • C, C++ y .NET.
  • Java.

Connectivity of Financial Devices. Self-service and Cash Points:

Profile for developing strategic projects with experience and knowledge using J/XFS.


  • Good level of Java.
  • Knowledge of financial devices for bank branches and/or automatic cash points.
  • Experience using J/XFS standard connectivity.

Working with the technical team of Aurigae has the following advantages:

  • Highly qualified and committed professionals.
  • Rigorous methodology and innovative focus (AGILE, SCRUM, CANBAN, etc.)
  • Specialised and professional monitoring through the entire life cycle of the project (consultancy, requirements analysis, architecture design, development, tests and quality control, process definition, put into production, and maintenance).
  • Delivery as scheduled.
  • Top quality, efficient solutions that fulfill the objectives of our clients.

We offer different development approaches based on flexibility, trust, efficiency, and commitment, from both a technical and economical perspective.

  • On-site development: we provide specialised resources at client installations and under their management.
  • Turnkey development: assuming the entire responsibility of the project and contributing, if needed, with products or solutions that resolve specific requirements.