ATMirage, facilitates the tests of your self-service applications.

ATMirage is a simulator for self-service equipment that facilitates and automates the testing of self-service applications, as well as creating reports of the same, including the steps performed, the screens displayed, and the receipts printed, etc.

ATMirage can be used with any application that uses standards (CEN/XFS, J/XFS, Xpeak). If another access method is used (such as, for example, proprietary DLLs), Aurigae provides the documents required and the services to adapt their access layer to devices to our simulator.

It is a tool that is focused on end clients who need to certify their applications, in the same way as any company that has to develop self-service applications or perform quality control of the same.

Enables the automatic execution of a set of previously defined tests , performing iterations of the same with different parameters (different cards, amounts, etc.) and create reports of the test results.