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ATMirage. Speed up and automate the tests of your self-service machine application


It covers all kind of self-service machines like ATMs, payment machines, bank booksupdating machines, information kiosks, parking payment machines, etc.

Apart from complying with the market Standards commonly used in the financial field(CEN/XFS/J/XFS and Xpeak), it can also adapt its simulated devices to proprietary interfaces in a short period of time.



ATMirage is a tool orientated not only to final clients, who just need to homologate their applications, but also to companies which develop self-service applications.

With ATMirage it is possible to execute assisted and non assisted previously defined tests by the recording of macros and to obtain reports with the results obtained.

ATMirage benefits

Execution of tests without hardware/OS dependences

Independent of the standard to be used (CEN/XFS, J/XFS, Xpeak)

Possibility of adaptation of the simulators to proprietary solutions

Full EMV level 2 simulation

Easy errors simulation

Automation of tests, reducing the human mistakes

Creation of battery of tests and reports to be printed or exported to excel sheets

Use of the product by other Departments (training, marketing, helpdesk, etc.)

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