November 2017Meet DWide, a lightweight middleware for development of new ATM applications using XFS

Since its first version in 1995, CEN/XFS has become established as the standard in the development of multi-vendor applications for ATMs and Kiosks. Nevertheless, in a market, where the way to develop new applications has changed drastically, CEN/XFS maintains its basic structure, without any innovation on the software side.

In such circumstances, DWide has been born. A lightweight middleware, that allows an easy and efficient way to communicate with the XFS Service Providers from different platforms.

With the launch of DWide we provide a solution that not only resolves the issue with new programming languages, but also offers a complete new framework where the business and presentation logics are completely separated.

DWide has been designed taking the following requirements in mind:

            • Not being limited to a particular programming language

            • Possible to integrate with any current framework

            • It is multivendor

            • Permits the exchange of information between application and devices in a modern and straight forward way

            • DWide is easy to use, without the need of knowledge of the complex data structures in CEN/XFS.

DWide offers various versions available for the following languages and environments:





            ✓WebSockets and RESTful

Furthermore, its structures are very simple (the communication between application and CEN/XFS is done with plain JSON structures), and the small differences in the implementations between distinct manufacturers are completely transparent to the programmer.

Without doubt, DWide will facilitate the development of new ATM applications, as well as kiosk and branch solutions with the current technologies.

DWide is commercialized under a corporate license, and the price is independent of the number of ATMs.


Last 21st of September we celebrated our 25th Anniversary at the Museo del Traje in Madrid.

It was a pleasure to gather so many persons that have been part of our trajectory during the past 25 years. Each and all of you are part of the consolidation of both Aurigae and Cashware as technology companies, which have been able to evolve in order to be positioned as a reference of quality, service and talent.

We hope you enjoyed as much as we did, and that we will continue to share more years of collaboration.


May 2017"Connectivity" in Brazil

Our workmate Santiago Garzón, Products & Development Team, has spent two weeks in Brazil providing technical training on J/XFS and XFS standards. On this occasion, he has trained the software team of one of the world most important companies of banking automation.

Thanks to this training and to our basic code and templates, the Brazilian company will be able to develop its own drivers in the shortest period of time, and to provide its customers with a standard software access platform for all their devices.

This is the second training our team provides in this country and we look forward to continue helping other companies, anywhere in the world, in the implementation of these standards.


Android Training on our Youtube Channel

On April 27th, at Campus Madrid, Raúl Román, Android Developer, reviewed and solved some of the most frequent problems that arise during the development of an application.

If you could not not participate in our training seminar on fragmentation in Android, visit our YouTube Channel and discover the problems and solutions that were discussed during the celebration of the presentation.

April 2017Aurigae turns 25 years

We turn 25 years! In the middle of an expansión stage, we celebrate our 25th anniversary satisfied that we have become a solid, innovative and flexible organization capable of integrating the technological changes of the last decades. Today more than ever, we want to express our gratitude to customers, employees, suppliers and, ultimately, all those people who have trusted us to be part of the digital evolution.

April 2017Reinforcing our team

Last March we welcomed Carlos Bermejo Matías in Aurigae. Carlos has joined our team to lead the Business Development area in a moment of full national and international expansion. Carlos is a Computer Engineer, has experience as an analyst and software project manager, and we are convinced that his incorporation will reinforce the consolidation of Aurigae, as a reference company within the organizations’ digitalization processes.

March 2017Aurigae WorldWide

We have traveled to Istanbul to carry out a proof of concept of ATMirage, in one of the most important financial institutions in Turkey. The demonstration has been well received and the road to our collaboration has begun successfully. We are very pleased to continue adding development opportunities within and beyond our borders.


The way business is done is not immune to the impact technology is currently making to the society. Today, more than ever, companies need to construct business development strategies closely linked to the implementation of innovative digitalization processes.

At Aurigae, we stand up for this change by offering solutions that are mostly adaptable to our clients’ needs, applying the most avant-garde technologies and methodologies, and finally by turning this transformation into an opportunity for growth.

Innovation, agility, quality and flexibility for the implementation of the On&Off Site or Turnkey projects are the values that define our services and most precisely represent our commitment to our clients and collaborators.


Since our beginnings, at Aurigae, we opt for the research, the development and the innovation as means of achieving technical excellence. Our R&D&i together with the vast experience in the financial sector have resulted in developing own specialized products.

We have been providing connectivity solutions for 25 years, worldwide.

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Connectivity of Financial Devices
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