Innovation, agility, quality and flexibility for the implementation of On&Off Site or Turnkey projects are the values that define our services and most precisely represent our commitment to our clients and collaborators.

Software development

Integrated solutions that optimize the process development. New ways of developing software, programming languages and all the necessary tools to develop customized software. Currently, our software development is carried out using AGILE and Test Driven Development (TDD) Methodologies, guaranteeing code quality and correct functioning of the products. We promote DevOps philosophy using integration technologies such as Jenkins, that allow to reduce the development times, automating the integration processes.


“Small services, Big benefits”. The same way a big problem turns into a simpler one when divided in smaller parts, the microservices architecture (MSA) represents numerous benefits for the software development and complex applications.

Our backend structures are based on microservices architecture, that allows division of functionalities in a way that scalability and flexibility are increased in terms of responding to clients’ requests. We have implemented these architectures by using different technologies, such as Java (Spring), Node.js and Scala.


The society evolves around and towards Total Digital Mobility. Nowadays, it is not possible to speak about digital transformation without taking into account this scenario.

The personality of our Mobility products is defined by mobility programs based on strategies that generate value and applications focused on improiving user experience.

We offer application development for the major platforms: iOS and Android, native and hybrid depending on the required scenario. Our development processes follow the Clean Architecture Standards, using tools such as Android Studio with libraries like Retrofit, okHttp or Dagger in Android, or the last versions of Xcode and Swift 3 in iOS.


Being much more than a simple information storage system, the cloud enables the use of software solutions through the Internet in a customized and secure way. The Cloud avoids costly infrastructure maintenance, thus making easier the installation processes and IT service updates.

We rely on a Cloud specialized team, capable of creating scalable on-demand infrastructures which makes the capacity and cost of any system flexible.

We use both public cloud tools like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, as well as private cloud tools like OpenShift and OpenStack.


Aurigae’s team is formed by the most suitable and valuable professionals for the development of On&Off Site projects.

At Aurigae, we have created a selection process inspired by the agile development methodologies, imitating those workflows and applying agile approach, in order to reduce the selection durations. Our technical screenings have been developed by our own company experts evaluating the real potential and capacity of our talent.

Our teams implement a specialized management during the whole project life cycle:

Efficient high quality solutions which comply to our clients’ needs and expectations


Since our beginnings, at Aurigae, we opt for the research, the development and the innovation as means of achieving technical excellence. Our R&D&i together with the vast experience in the financial sector have resulted in developing own specialized products.

We have been providing connectivity solutions for 25 years, worldwide.

Connectivity of Financial Devices
ATMs QA Testing and Self-Service
Payment Methods QA Testing
Connectivity of Financial Devices
ATMs QA Testing and Self-Service
Payment Methods QA Testing


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