Aurigae’s Executive Committee is currently formed by a young and dynamic team with a solid experience in management and business development within the information technology sector.

Galia Gómez


"I strongly believe in a technological present and a technological future, both open to the whole universe of possibilities that is revolutionizing the way we interact with each other. Positive attitude, work and perseverance, thrill and eagerness are the essentials required for a successful trajectory in this new scenario."

University Degree in Economic Sciences and Master of Social Sciences at the University of Toulouse, with more than 15 years of experience in managing different areas within the Information Technology sector.

Neila Gómez

Admin and Human Resources Director

"Team’s satisfaction has a strong impact on the development of every organization. Promoting one’s personal growth and value, in their professional area, and being grateful for their work is a key factor for the balance between the team wellness and the company results."

University Degree in Agronomic Engineering, she has developed her professional career in the field of Administration and Human Resources, related to the ITC sector. Currently, she is successfully managing both departments in Aurigae.

María Ángeles Sierra

Software Development Director

"Creating and taking care of teams in which everyone contributes by offering own skills, and grows by learning from the Knowhow of the others, generate new ideas, develop the knowhow and stimulate the technological innovation. Human assets and technology, a perfect match of high strategic value for every organization."

With an University Degree in Software Engineering, she has been providing knowhow to multiple national and international software development projects for more than 20 years. Currently managing the software development area of the company.

Pontus Danielsson


"Out-of-the box approach within technological research helps find alternative and unusual ways to meet challenges and change processes in an innovative way. This research together with the equilibrium between the order and the chaos caused by the changes, pave the road to the digital evolution."

IT Engineer of Swedish origin whose whole career has been developed within the technology sector. At the end of the 90s a sudden business trip to Madrid resulted in him becoming part of Aurigae, where he currently holds the CTO position.

Carlos Bermejo Matías

Business Development Director

"Research as a main, renewal and surrounding yourself with the best team, in the best work atmosphere, are fundamental to recognize the needs of our environment in order to provide the most appropriate solutions. Only from the absolute understanding of what is happening, we can face the digital evolution challenges."

Degree in Higher Computer Engineering, has more than 9 years of experience in leading software projects. He currently leads the company's Business Development area.

Diego Moralejo
Noelia Palacios


The way business is done is not immune to the impact technology is currently making to the society. Today, more than ever, companies need to construct business development strategies closely linked to the implementation of innovative digitalization processes.

At Aurigae, we stand up for this change by offering solutions that are mostly adaptable to our clients’ needs, applying the most avant-garde technologies and methodologies, and finally by turning this transformation into an opportunity for growth.

Innovation, agility, quality and flexibility for the implementation of the On&Off Site or Turnkey projects are the values that define our services and most precisely represent our commitment to our clients and collaborators.


Since our beginnings, at Aurigae, we opt for the research, the development and the innovation as means of achieving technical excellence. Our R&D&i together with the vast experience in the financial sector have resulted in developing own specialized products.

We have been providing connectivity solutions for 25 years, worldwide.

Connectivity of Financial Devices
ATMs QA Testing and Self-Service
Payment Methods QA Testing
Connectivity of Financial Devices
ATMs QA Testing and Self-Service
Payment Methods QA Testing


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