Xpeaker, the flexible connectivity architecture

XPEAKer is an open-source solution based on the Xpeak standard. Its objective is to standardize the devices connectivity via XML. It speeds up both application development as well as device services based on Xpeak (recyclers, printers, signature tablets, scanners, etc.).

XPEAKer is independent from the operating system (it is entirely developed in Java) and from the hardware vendors (Xpeak services for all brands and models).

Provides a toolset that is integrated as part of the same Eclipse plug-in used for development, testing, software update, form editing, service configuration, device simulation, etc.

Xpring, the J/XFS solution

Xpring is the solution that speeds up application and device services’ development over J/XFS. It facilitates the integration of the financial devices (recyclers, printers, card readers, etc.) into the banking applications in compliance with the J/XFS connectivity standard.

Since Xpring is entirely developed in Java, it is independent from the operating system and from the hardware vendors offering a wide spectre of Device Services for all brands and models.

plug&cash, integrates casg devices in a simple way

Cash Devices handling solution (recyclers and dispensers) which allows simple, transparent and fast integration of any cash devices into the Bank Office Application of our clients.

Plug&cash adapts entirely to the appearance of the client application, both to its graphical interface, as to its functionality, allowing the easiest device handling possible.


The way business is done is not immune to the impact technology is currently making to the society. Today, more than ever, companies need to construct business development strategies closely linked to the implementation of innovative digitalization processes.

At Aurigae, we stand up for this change by offering solutions that are mostly adaptable to our clients’ needs, applying the most avant-garde technologies and methodologies, and finally by turning this transformation into an opportunity for growth.

Innovation, agility, quality and flexibility for the implementation of the On&Off Site or Turnkey projects are the values that define our services and most precisely represent our commitment to our clients and collaborators.


Since our beginnings, at Aurigae, we opt for the research, the development and the innovation as means of achieving technical excellence. Our R&D&i together with the vast experience in the financial sector have resulted in developing own specialized products.

We have been providing connectivity solutions for 25 years, worldwide.

Connectivity of Financial Devices
ATMs QA Testing and Self-Service
Payment Methods QA Testing
Connectivity of Financial Devices
ATMs QA Testing and Self-Service
Payment Methods QA Testing


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